How to Choose a Florist for Your Wedding


Wedding florists are not some of the hardest pros to find - there are so many out there. It's choosing the right one though that can be a bit tough. After all, not everyone can read your mind, what flowers or arrangements you want. But with a little research and some tips, that choice shouldn't be so hard to make.

First off, you'd like to get referrals from people you know who might have recently gotten married. These could be friends, colleagues, even neighbors you're friendly with. If you can't get personal recommendations, you can always check online, but don't forget to read reviews.

It's good to go with a flower shop Tempe florist who is a member of a professional association as it indicates how serious they are with their business. Also check with your local business bureau to know if there are or were any complaints against the florist. Of course, you want someone with a clean record. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a late delivery, or flowers and arrangements that are totally outside of what you have agreed on.

Once you have a few good leads, call them each and ask for an appointment. But first, identify the flowers and floral design you want. Unless you have wide knowledge of flowers yourself, you probably couldn't express your expectations better than with pictures. Look for photos of wedding floral arrangements you really like, whether online or from conventional wedding magazines, and show them to the florist. This is the best way help them understand what exactly you want them to do.

Together with the pictures, you should meet your prospective flower delivery Tempe Arizona florist with a clear idea of how much you're willing to spend. In fact, this is very important because unless you have set a budget, you can't expect a very helpful quote (something like $1,500 to $18,000, which is probably not so useful).

Now comes the harder part - knowing which florist is right for you. The idea is to consider at least two or three prospects so you can compare them before making a choice. Come down to their stores and take a look at their flowers on display. Definitely, the blooms must be fresh and beautiful. How a florist deals with customers is obviously important too. You don't want to be stuck with someone who's not patient in answering questions.

Also consider the price. While it's not the most crucial factor to consider, it is nevertheless important. Find out if you must make a deposit and if it's refundable. Lastly, ask about their policies regarding substitutions. For example, if you wanted these flowers but they were unexpectedly available, can they make substitutions without your knowledge, and would they charge you for it?

Finding a wedding florist is not going to be that easy, but you need not make it more difficult. Follow these tips and you'll be in the right direction.